BIOGRAPHY - Alper Saldıran

Alper Saldıran was born in Istanbul on the year 1984. Start of his relationship with the arts and fines arts goes back to his childhood.

His first stage experience was at the age of 5, on a pre-elementary school play. Right after that; he took an interest on the folklore and Caucasian dancing. They continued to be involved in both dancing and theatre trough out Elementary school. He started to have an interest in music while in middle school. He started to have an interest to the electric guitar while in 7th grade, which continued for 2 years. His first appearance on TV was a result of an offer he received while doing his internship in hotel for his 9th grade studies. He graduated from a tourism and vacation high school and continued his education for the Marmara University department of tourism. On his second year at the University, he decided to pursue a career in acting.

He took a role in Turgut Özakman's play; "Fehim Paşa Konağı" as the character Yusuf while in College. He won his first award with this performance as the "Best Supporting Male" in an acting competition that is held between the universities. After that, he took his first role in a TV series, portraying the character Burak, the show "Bir Dilim Aşk" as well as continuing to work on commercials.

On 2005 he accepted a scholarship from the Yeditepe University which he deemed as the “best decision of his life” and left the Marmara University. He performed a role on his first year in the play “Son Dünya”. He participated in the Egypt Theatre Festival which involves European and Mediterranean countries as a student. He participated in the play, “Babil Kulesi” with others students from the same festival next year.   

He continued his carrer on TV with the shows “Kara İnci” and “Derman” while in school. Then he did the critically acclaimed Vodafone commercials and another part in the hit series “Melekler Korusun”. Around the same period he also had the role “The lady” in the play “The maids” that was written by Jean Genet and directed by Müge Gürman.

Alper Saldıran continued to have roles in the movies and TV shows after his graduation from the University. He played the role of Feyyaz in the series “Yerden Yüksek”, the role of Fatih Karakuş in his first movie experience “Anadolu Kartalları” and then the role of Recai in the movie “Sağsalim”. He also played the role of Treplev in the stage play “Çehov Makinesi” in the same period. He is now starring in the TV show “Beni Böyle Sev”, and if we ask him; he has a long way to go, and a lot to do.